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We are extremely excited to announce the newest addition to our herd sires, - RB Chain Breaker 99!


He is an elite son of Connealy Blackhawk 6198 and is a high-growth, high-numbered individual that had a birth ratio of 84, weaning ratio of 128, and stems from a dam with a progeny production record of WR 1@106, UREA 2@113.


He ranks in the top 1% of the breed in 7 categories: WW, YW, YH, MW, MH, CW, $W. He ranks in the top 3% in SC, the top 4% in Doc, and top 5% in $F

His Dam is a full sister to the Genex Beef AI sires SAV Resource 1441 and SAV Renown 3439, Select Sires AI sure SAV Recharge 3436, a maternal sister to the $750,000 SAV President 6847, the $725,000 SAV Pedigree 4834, the $460,000 SAV Rainfall 6846, the $235,000 SAV Seedstock 4838, the $650,000 SAV Sensation 5615, the $450,000 SAV Raindance 6848, along with an array of other past top sellers.


SAV Blackcap May 4136, the grand-dam, is the top income-producing cow in the breed with an astonishing $9.5 million in progeny receipts on 191 direct sons and daughters averaging $49,583 in past Schaff Angus Valley sales.


This Bull was sold as lot 1 in Riley Brothers Angus sale. We couldn’t be more excited to see what this bull has to offer in not only our herd, but yours as well!  Registration #19531439.

RB Chain Breaker 99

  • Semen-US/Mexico      $30
          Semen-Canada            $40
          Certificate            $30


  • Click here for latest EPDs, pedigree info

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